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Leukemia For Health

Leukemia For Health
Photos show the white cells that are found to be cancer-cell embryo.
Leukemia Leukemia
Leukemia refers to a condition in which white blood cells. A cancer of white blood cells have many. Until our bodies can not control it. These cancer cells to other organs in the body malnutrition. And together with low immunity. Because these cancer cells can not function like a typical cell.
The figure shows a normal white blood cells.
Cells that grow beyond the control of the body. The Leukemia
Blood components
Body cells from bone marrow, bone marrow blast cells called embryonic blood plasma consists of water called the three types of cells that are found there.
  1. Leukocytes or leukocyte white blood cell that fights germs do.
  2. Erythrocyte red blood cells or red blood cell responsible for bringing oxygen to the body and carbodioxide to purify the lungs.
  3. Platelet or thrombocyte platelet function to stop bleeding.
The risk of leukemia.
  1. The radiation exposure is massive. Such as the atomic bomb
  2. To receive electromagnetic waves from electronic appliances. It remains subject to the affirmative.
  3. Genetic such as children, Down 'syndrome.
  4. Those who work with chemicals such as benzene.
Types of Leukemia
Cancer can be caused by two types of white blood lymphocyte and myeloid and break the progression of the disease is acute, the disease progresses faster blast cell regeneration speed is very slow, chronic disease progresses blast cell divides us is not much.
  1. Acute lymphocytic leukemia [ALL] is lymphocyte cells most often found in children.
  2. Acute myeloid leukemia [AML] found in children and adults.
  3. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia [CLL] is more common in older than 55 years.
  4. Chronic myeloid leukemia [CML] found in adults.
Symptoms of Leukemia
Symptoms caused by blood loss such functions. Lymphocyte dysfunction patients are easily infected with fever. Cancer cells have a lot to make red blood cells and platelets are low, causing anemia and bleeding. Also, signs and symptoms, such as cancer cells to headache are common.
  1. Fever, chills, sometimes cold.
  2. Fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss.
  3. There are frequent infections
  4. Swelling and pain in the lymph nodes, liver, spleen.
  5. Bleeding gums, skin around the eyes.
  6. Bone pain
Easy to do by the medical examination of lymph nodes, spleen, liver doctor to draw blood. When informed that the cancer medicine to penetrate the bone marrow. Or spinal puncture to detect cancer cells in the spinal fluid.

The treatment of each patient. Each type of cancer is not the same. In the first phase of treatment is to control the disease after remission for calm to prevent recurrence, relapse, many patients can be cured.

  1. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy can provide both the injection and ingestion. Some cancers may need to enter the spinal cord.
  2. Radiotherapy treatment can have two cases where cancer is radiation, such as the spleen or the Mandalay to radiation, both in preparation for bone marrow transplant alarm.
  3. The alarm Bone Marrow Bone marrow transplantation. By providing high-dose chemotherapy with radiation to destroy cells of normal bone marrow and then injected into the lead. Patients need to be in hospital until the body can make cell.
  4. Immunization Biological therapy using interferon against some types of cancer cells.
Other treatment needed
Because cancer cells have the disease, so treatments 0, it is imperative as well. Because patients susceptible to infections, so patients should avoid places where there are people, especially during the outbreak of the disease. If you get a serious infection requiring antibiotics antibiotic.

Anemia is a common and significant complication if a patient can cause fatigue. It should be a very pale blood doping tranfussions patients should receive oral examination before treatment.

Side effects of treatment
  1. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is destroy the cells that divide rapidly cancer cells divide faster, so it is very frustrating. But the chemotherapy was destroying normal cells. The side effects caused by the normal cells were destroyed. Patients are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss and infertility.
  2. Radiotherapy Radiotherapy areas where exposure to hair or hair loss. Such dry, itchy skin, do not use lotion before consulting a doctor.
  3. The alarm Bone Marrow Bone marrow transplantation. These patients are vulnerable to infection. Unusual bleeding.
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About Leukemia

About Leukemia

            Cancer is a disease that occurs in all parts of the body. Because our organs are composed of many cells as well as cell differentiation and growth of cancer cells, it is unusual. Is growing too fast into a lump. Moreover, the cancer also occur in every organ. Cancer can occur in cells in our bodies, too. And he heard about leukemia and then some too. The white blood cells then is our duty to help kill germs and various substances. He said the body or simply as white blood cells to help build resistance to the body's white blood cells, but if we fail to act on their own, it will affect your body for sure.

Leukemia refers to any disease.
It is a disease in which white blood cells, the embryo has to break inexorably. It accumulates in the bone marrow and blood came out of the crowd to keep the organs functioning of organs malfunction which is caused by too many white blood cells.

This disease since birth or not. Or later, we occur.
This disease usually comes later. After we came out then. But we can be found in some cases of the birth. But the most delayed.

The major cause of cancer-causing white blood cells that cause it. What are the factors that cause this. At present, the exact cause is unknown. But there are some encouraging factors such as disease, certain genetic diseases, such as star syndrome, Down's syndrome, radiation spread more patient because we met after World War 2 bomb. It also contains benzene, they would be among the factors making it more easily found. And some are infected with some virus.

The genetic inheritance is a part of it.
We have found that certain genetic diseases, the incidence of leukemia is higher than the common man is the promotion of the cause of leukemia is not that different in terms of radiation poisoning.

It currently has a patient comes to the doctor much. The patients were treated really well. And there's lots more here, Nowadays, we found that patients with leukemia more. Only a Siriraj years ago, we had 200 new patients in the first year and leukemia is the most common cancer in the top 10.

Among the patients to have sex. Most any age, I did not choose the sex with both women and men are equally entitled to the care of their patients, we will find the age of 15 years up to 60 years without a special session.

How to observe unusual symptoms. If the patient has problems with cancer will have some symptoms that indicate symptoms.
We could have easily split it four or four groups.
  1. The first symptoms are anemia, fatigue, anorexia, weight loss is simple. This is old-style common people.
  2. Bleeding Because leukemia have thrombocytopenia. Making it easy such as bleeding gums are paid out on the green body. Or menstrual disorders
  3. There are plenty of white blood cells but does not function as imaginable. Specialized white blood cells are responsible for the The germ-fighting But this reaction is not to fight germs. It is easy to infection, fever. There is infection in different positions.
  4. Squeeze the white blood cells to accumulate in Bangalore organs or make a lump in the groin. Legs and neck lymph nodes, liver or spleen.

We will have to watch Diagnosis and let us know what clearly as leukemia.
First, we need to have blood disorders. He found larvae of the white blood cells Next, we will verify by drilling the bone marrow. To make clear again that there is real growth in the bone marrow.
Current treatments for leukemia and that if we are to have a remedy, however.

The first way is for us to maintain the chemotherapy. This will provide a series of consecutive long enough. Perhaps it will take 1-2 years at least. At present, it provides a new approach to treatment.
The second method is to transplant bone marrow. We did, but this is a rather cumbersome and costly complications sufficiently high. And brothers who need bone marrow compatibility. This treatment method 2 to consider cases in which the main treatment is to have two ways mentioned above.
In the treatment of leukemia are now cured.

            The current progress of chemotherapy. And bone marrow transplants have progressed. It held that the leukemia has to be cured. Especially in children under 12 years of age compression mold cured relatively high. It depends on the doctor treated quickly and come from the start. There are some groups that do not know, and the symptoms become more and more abandoned.
The danger of leukemia are much, or the patient to death.
            If acute leukemia, did not treat the majority of patients will die in 3-4 months of life that are easily infected. And the infection has spread to various parts of the body, another case was bleeding, such as bleeding in the brain could cause the patient's death quickly.
            In the case of a patient with chronic myeloid leukemia. These symptoms will gradually resume Gradual May begin 6-8 months after the organs begin to deteriorate. It will be followed by another serious problem. Therefore, we should take care of each other Because leukemia is a serious and dangerous.
Patients with leukemia will have to care for or treat yourself, however.
            The first is to take care of personal hygiene. Because these patients are easily infected. Maintenance and cleaning various parts of the body is important. Our common oral health, tooth, this is way too easy to cause infection. Use a soft brush special. These can be expensive, but which will have little mouth ulcers. And reduces infections as well. Eating more fruit and vegetables helps in bowel movement does not go well, there may be constipation, anal lesions that one of the infected easily. And drinking plenty of water will help a lot because they are broken in the blood are many and has accumulated certain substances in the body causes a blockage, thus taking a lot of water, it will help excrete it symbolized. nicely Another is to buy painkillers, fever own. In this case it would be dangerous to drug misuse. Patients should be in the direction of a physician.

Ensuring proper For patients with leukemia.
            1. enough rest
            2. Drink lots of water
            3. Cleanliness of body
            4. Eat a healthy diet The value for the body
            5. Do not treat health complications later.
Prevention leukemia are prevented or how.
            Since we do not yet know the exact cause. But we know that there are those factors that promote certain chemicals, or those that contain too many embellishments. This is the most popular food Fast Food, or foods that have been modified with a chemical. And this one was a study and found that the incidence of cancer is not the only use of leukemia alone. Other types of cancer also have a higher incidence. If we lose them, it would reduce the factors promoting cancer.

            Currently, the American Cancer Society recommends that. People should eat fruit and vegetables at least five random, thereby reducing the incidence of cancer of any kind, whether the cancer threat.

Leukemia Cure : Everything You Need to Know

Leukemia Cure
Leukemia is generally considered and known as blood cancer, where as if considered in its real terms leukemia is a cancer of white blood cells and platelets. These platelets actually help blood to clot. Also when the white blood cells reduce in amount they actually leave the immune system unlocked for attack and the patient sometimes die of a disease very common as the flu. In general, the lack of normal white cells impairs the body's ability to fight infections. 

A shortage of platelets results in bruising and easy bleeding when there is the need to clot to stop the flow of genders blood.All of various acute or chronic diseases of leukemia are dangerous. Acute leukemia a disease rapidly succeeding typically affects cells that are embryonic or primitive (which means that the cells that have not yet fully developed or differentiated from others). These are not fully formed cells then fail to reach their utility standard. These cells are described as "nonfunctional" because they do not function like normal cells. 

Also number the usual normal healthy cells in the bone, causing a decrease in the number of new normal cells made in the bone healthy. These results forward in low counts of red cells which is a typical form of anemia.On other hand chronic leukemia develops gradually, and allows the development of large quantities of cells more developed. In broader perspective, these more mature cells can reach some of their typical functions but due to the increase in the number of cells such as white blood cells of the blood flow can slow down and cause serious anemia.

The leukemia is classified into four basic categories which are as follows: • acute myeloid leukemia (AML) • Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) • chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) • chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), acute leukemia following are the signs and symptoms of leukemia: • Fatigue or tiredness • Shortness of breath during physical activity • slow curing of cuts and excess bleeding • Mild fever or night sweats • patches of white and blue (bruises) for no obvious reason • Pinhead-size red spots under the skin • pale skin • Low number of white cells • Pain in the bones or jointsAs away chronic leukemia interested people with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CML may not have any symptoms. 

Some patients have to learn CLL or CML after a blood test as part of a regular checkup. Occasionally, a person with CLL may see swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin and go to the doctor. The person may feel tired or short of breath or have frequent infections, if the CLL is more severe. In these cases, a blood test may show an increase in lymphocyte count.A complete blood count is used to make a diagnosis of leukemia. 

This blood test can confirm high or low point of white cells and show leukemia cells in the blood. Sometimes, the mobile phone number of platelets and red are quite low. Tests such as bone marrow aspiration and biopsy are often carried out to verify the analysis and look for chromosomal irregularities. All these tests identify the leukemia and its cell category. These tests must be continued after regular intervals after treatment to measure how the sound of healing

Leukemia Cure - What to do about it

Leukemia Cure

There are many facts known about leukemia and if someone is working on the problem is these facts they need to know. Like all cancers, leukemia happens for a reason as its not some mysterious disease that science can not fathom. For example, it is exceptionally rare in S.E. Asia, but has spread across the western developed countries.Some of the facts that have been linked to leukemia are high voltage power lines and people living near these have a much higher risk factor. 

Formaldehyde chemical that is commonly found in our homes has also been linked to it. Food associated with leukemia are aspartame, the artificial sweetener in many soft drinks and chewing gum. Sodium nitrite is another, the additive is used in canned meat. Other meats that contain sodium nitrite are sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, bacon, ham, and any meats that have been processed.Foods that are known to help leukemia patients are turmeric, the root vegetable that is the yellow dye used in curry powder, bananas, oranges as well as the extract of grape seeds. Even vitamin A, which is most abundant in carrots, broccoli, squash and spinach. 

As with most of the nutrients it is always better to have them from natural sources and not in supplement form. In other words, eat grapes, that is grapes with seeds in them and buy turmeric fresh, grate and use it in cooking.There are many facts known about all cancers but unfortunately today our medical system is more concerned for treating certain types of cancer, rather than providing these known facts so that we can avoid the problem in the first place. We do not have cancer prevention today, we only have expensive toxic treatments that are not very effective. Remember that there is nothing in our 3 main treatments that will stop the return of cancer.

All cancers including leukemia have many known causes and these are, nutritional deficiencies, our sedentary lifestyle and the chemicals we encounter everyday. Leukemia is cancer of the blood, the body has lost control and makes too many white blood cells so why should it be different than any other cancer. Anyone with leukemia needs to address all these problems, that is eating food in its natural state, get some exercise and be wary of all the chemicals we use in our homes these days.

There such thing as a single cause for the cancer, all cancers have multiple causes so the way to successfully overcome leukemia is to address the underlying causes and a change of diet is a great start. A strict natural diet is crucial

Once I finished I beat my cancer night sweats and beat well


Not many years ago I shocked to learn that I had cancer, I was happy to discover that I had a hysterectomy so young. Although I already have two children, I prayed that he was able to keep the choice of another, if so chosen. It 'a strange feeling to know that you can not have children, especially when it is not your choice. In the early stages of my struggle I was put into a regiment of treatments that required radiation and chemotherapy. 

The chemo was not too bad at first, but over time it was obvious he was altering my body. I know it can destroy cancer Yet it felt like a battle to the end that was happening inside my body and the result would be either me or cancer. I always thought that there must be a better way to deal with fighting cancer. Perhaps in the future care will be made available to us, but until then I can only dream that if there is a non-patentable organic out there, the medical and drugs will keep him locked up and key.In time I can consider myself cancer free and feeling of liberation I was covered from head to toe. Except as quickly as I had found this new relief I found a new crisis had taken its cancer place.Before I had a fairly typical pattern of sleep. 

I would go to bed, wake up maybe once for a bathroom break and go back to bed to finish with rest for a whole night. But after treatment and surgery I was thrown into a new world of hysterectomy menopause. Now, with this menopause she came its cousin, night sweats manpausal, and a whole host of other problems. If I were to see all the key interrelated issues including I could go on. Night sweats were enough. The sweat would keep me up all night also because my husband to lose countless hours of rest as well. Eventually he made him switch to a bedroom alternative. I had to get a solution. Night sweats me and my marriage were killing. 

I tried a number of solutions to my dilemma and I have tried virtually every natural and non-natural cure available. I felt frozen pillows, I tried to absorbent night, I tried unusual sheets, you name it I have tried. I was about to give up when a colleague of mine gave me a thing called Bedfan. Now, to be very honest with you when you said that the phone I thought, said Pan B so I was a bit 'again, as I could not imagine anything like a bed pan help with night sweats. Nevertheless, the Bedfan came to be the life saver I was trying to find. To explain how it works I will take a quote from one of the original members of the fan. One lady said that was as cool off under a waterfall and not get wet at all. This is exactly how it feels. 

Since that first night onwards in any way had again night sweats. Now do not get the wrong impression I could feel my body getting hotter and simply routine for a while 'I expected to start to sweat, but in no way it happened. In fact the way this thing works is, when your body heats up, your bed is not able to get rid of that heat immediate enough. By way of Bedfan warm air it is brought out of bed, never giving it a chance to build up a sweat. 

That's how it feels, the next time you relax in bed and you start to feel hot, simply raise your legs to lift the sheets up. Then gradually let the legs down and I feel that breath of air floating through your body to cool. Here's how you feel throughout the night. In the end I am sad that I can not create children, but at least I'm still alive. Not only I am I still alive, but gratitude to Bedfan, are able to sleep again and get the relaxation that require so that I can still have quality time with the good guys I have. I hope this helps others as much as me and my spouse.

As soon as I finished I beat my cancer developed night sweats and passed that too

my cancer developed

Not many years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was not a happy camper to discover that I had a hysterectomy at such a young age. Although I already had two children, I prayed to have been able to retain the option for another, if so chosen. It 'a strange feeling to realize that you will not have any more children, especially when it is not your choice. In the early stages of my struggle it was in charge of a regiment of treatments that required radiation and chemotherapy. 

The chemo was not very bad at first but as time went on it was clear that was changing my body. I realize I can kill cancer, but felt like a fight to the end that was happening inside my body and the result would be either me or cancer. I always thought that there must be a healthy way to deal with fighting cancer. Perhaps someday the cure will be made available to us, but until then I only assume that if there is a non-patentable natural out there, the medical and drugs will keep a lid on it .. With the time I could consider me cancer free and the emotion of relief I was covered from head to toe. However as soon as I found this cool respite I discovered a fresh setback had taken its place.

Prior to cancer I had a relatively normal sleep pattern. I would go to sleep, get up, maybe once for a bathroom break and go back to bed to finish with rest for a whole night. Yet, after treatment and the operation I was thrown into a new world of hysterectomy menopause. Now, with this menopause came its cousin, night sweats manpausal, and a whole line of other problems. If I were to say all matters related included I could go on and on. 

Night sweats were enough. They would be kept awake all night, more cause my partner to lose hours and hours of rest as well. Finally it caused my partner to move to another room. I had to find a solution. Night sweats me and my relationship was destroying. I tried different solutions to my dilemma and I have tried almost all organic and non-natural treatments obtainable. I tried pillows cold, I tried nightgown absorbing, I tried unusual sheets, you name it I have tried. 

I was leaving when a colleague of mine gave me a device known as Bedfan. Now, to be quite honest with you, as you said on the phone that I was thinking, he said Pan B so I was a touch hesitant because I could not understand for the life of me just like a bed pan would help me with the night sweats . In any case, the Bedfan come to be the hero that I was trying to find. In order to make clear how I will take a quote from one of the first users of the fan. 

One woman said she was as cool off under a waterfall and not get wet at all. This is exactly how it feels. Since that first night onwards in any way had night sweats again. Now, do not get me wrong I feel my body getting hotter and only routine for longer than I expected to start to sweat, but in no way it happened. They say that the way this thing works is, when your body starts to get hot, your bed is not able to get rid of that heat immediate enough. 

By way of Bedfan heat is pushed out of the bed, not giving an opportunity to increase sweating. That's how it feels, the next time you laying in bed and you start to feel sultry, just lift your legs to lift the sheets up. After that gradually leaves the legs down and feel that breath glide across your body to cool. this is the way you feel all night. 

I end up disappointed that I can not create children, but at least I'm still breathing. Not only am I still breathe, but credit Bedfan, are able to sleep better than before and to acquire the relaxation I need so that I can still have quality time with wonderful children they have. I hope this helps others as much as me and my partner.

Malignancy, Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer

Malignancy, OvarianWomen desperate for the condition of being pregnant, perhaps it will be the creation of themselves for malignancy if they take fertility drugs. Maria Rossing, Ph.D. and colleagues at the University of Washington at the Center for Cancer Research concluded that women taking fertility drugs had 2-1 / s times the natural possibility of ovarian cancer on the rise , especially long-term practice of the drug clomiphene, at the Stanford University School of Medicine has concluded a three-fold increased risk of ovarian cancer among women who use fertility drugs.

Ovarian cancer is thought to result from genetic errors They occur as the cells divide to renew the ovary as soon as it breaks to provide an egg. Before this time the condition of being pregnant, which comes at the end of ovulation for months at a time, it was advertised to decrease significantly the probability of a woman developing ovarian cancer, it is obvious that anything that stimulates the ' Ovulation will suffer the opposite result.

This genetic imperfection, by the way, maybe it will be corrected through good nutrition. All the diseases that affect us are coming on or influenced by genes. Simply because you are born with defective genes, it does not mean you bear to live with them. The reality is, the body has enzymatic machinery designed to defeat and renew defective nuclear DNA (genes). This offensive line depends on a good diet for optimal performance. Cheraskin Emanuel, MD, says, Ć½think gene as the seed, the natural environment such as soil. 

You can grow a healthy plant in a plot of the first order, even if you start with a weak socio seed.A told me recently exhibited the gene for overweight. It was revealed on the bottom of a container of Haagen Daz ice cream, she laughed.The supply of dairy products has been linked to a higher than normal incidence of ovarian cancer. In 1989, Gynecologist Daniel Kramer at Harvard Medical School in Boston linked galactose eating with a greater chance of ovarian cancer. 

Galactose was discovered to be toxic to human eggs, it might be that in some way interferes with our enzymatic offensive line.If you want to prevent ovarian cancer, do not eat fat products, and focus on fresh whole vegetables. Harvey Risch, MD, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine concluded that the bad cholesterol owned collection of Tran fatty acids, saturated fat one eggs increased chance of ovarian cancer to become a woman. 

He concluded eating vegetable fiber decreased the risk as decreased cholesterol. He decided that reducing the intake of saturated fat and added vegetable consumption seems to fall the bet of ovarian cancer. If your cholesterol is high and you are concerned about ovarian cancer, taking aged garlic extract.

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